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RA_ Rituals // Baths

Let's just start by saying.. 

If there's one emotional cure-all; let's call it a bath.

RA_ Rituals // observed ceremonial acts of honoring yourself

Bathing is a very ancient ritual and traditionally, a big communal to-do. But whether you go soak at the spa with friends or at home alone, it's always a great way to take time for yourself and cleanse body, mind and spirit.

Here are some of our favorite ways to indulge at home!

We alway recommend lighting a candle or incense while readying your bath to help clear the air and remind you that this time is for you! Let everything else float away.. pun intended. Our go-to; Palo Santo.

Then, try adding essential oils to the water.

If you are feeling restless need to relax and unwind, add a few drops of lavender to the tub! Feeling congested? Add Eucalyptus. Peppermint will perk you right up and is also good for headaches.

If your skin is in need of some serious moisture, add a spoonful of coconut oil! It won't fully dissolve into the bath water. So, little beads of the oil will grab onto your skin as you exit the tub, leaving you with that healthy skin glow and feeling luxurious.

Of course, don't skimp on the epsom salt. It's so good for detoxification and relieving sore muscles. No epsom salt around? Grab the sea salt! It will feel just as yummy.

And lastly, put on your favorite play list, podcast or grab a book and sink right down into it. Breathe deep and take your time in there.

A glass of wine or a touch of herbal medicine can be a nice touch as well ;)

And hey!

There's evidence that spending time in a hot bath can be just as beneficial as doing cardio! By raising your core body temperature, your pulse automatically increases and you start to sweat. Just like at the gym!

Just another reason to treat yourself with this RA_ Ritual.